Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Welcome to our hunting memories page. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed making the memories.

My Houndsmen Buddies

I enjoy running with these folks and have learned a lot about hounds from them all.

My Hound Mentor:
Rod Deckard
Rod is the reason I know all these other folks, he is the reason I have good hounds now. Next to the time spent with my son Epi in the field, the time I spent in the field with Rod will always be my most cherished memories. Rods health is not good, I'm sure any prayers would be appreciated.

Bob Melcher
(Bob is one of my dearest friends)

Mike Quinn
(one of my most trusted Advisers)
Richard Fritz
(Richard and I run Weekly)

John Potter, Rod Deckard (seated), Richard, Glenn

Glenn Gabbart
Glenny runs with Richard and I every week

All of our hunts are in the Great State of Kansas.
2017-2018 Hunting Highlights

2015-2016 Hunting Highlights

Miss Kim with Sergio, won the Conformation show at Eastern Kansas March 6, 2016

2014-2015 Hunting Highlights

2013-2014 Rabbit Hunting Pictures

2013-2014 Trapping/Hunting/Fishing Season


Epi and his tootsie gype won the 15" female bench show at the Eastern Kansas BC, AKC/UBGF/SPO trial March 9 & 10, 2013. She also made the winners pack in the field.
(That's Epi's mom helping)

Older Pictures

February 2, 2013

January 24 & 25, 2013

January 19, 2013

December 8, 2012

December 1, 2012
December 2011
Spring, Opening youth season 2012
Summer 2012
November 2010 
Older photos


In Loving Memory of Dick Hampton
Dick and Phyllis have been longtime Beaglers and supporters of the sport. They were great supporters of our Beagle Club, We last Dick a couple years ago, Phyllis doesn't get out much anymore and prayers would be appreciated.